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Why should you consider becoming an apprentice?

  • Provides progressively advancing skills that lead to rewards as goals are met
  • Portable, industry-issued, nationally-recognized credential
  • Received supervised mentorship throughout the apprenticeship
  • Career advancement
  • Receive college credit for future degrees
  • Improved skills and competencies
  • Increased safety

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Tori Atkinson, director of workforce development & innovative learning programs, is here to help match local companies with available apprentices.

Apprenticeship Resources

This helpful guide outlines the steps you need to take once you have been approved to begin your apprenticeship program.



You must be at least 18 years old or 16 years and not currently enrolled in school


You must have either a High School Diploma or a GED

Eligible to Work

You must be eligible to work in the US (citizen or permanent resident)


Meet academic requirements for admission.

Driver's License

Some jobs require a driver’s license.

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