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Technical Courses

Custom Trainer Services

CTS can build customized training workstations designed specifically for

your operation. Workstations can be used to reinforce training and keep

your workforce sharp with practice skills. You can use workstations as a

maintenance tool to check modules.

Want More?

In addition to the course descriptions provided, Custom Training Solutions

can also bring the following training courses to your facility:

• Allen Bradley SLC-500, PLC-5, ControlLogix, CompactLogix and Devicenet

• Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Rigging, Bearing, Power Transmission

• HMI: Wonderware & Panelviews

• Siemens S7 PLC

• Instrumentation/Process Control

• Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Topics

• Plastics Training (Injection, Tooling, Materials, Extrusion, Setup)

• AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Works


• GuardLogix

• Controlnet

• Ethernet

Or, we can customize a course to meet your specific needs.

1. Instructor led, in person, at your place of business or ours.

2. Video conference training (multiple sites).

3. Web conferencing training (webinars).

4. Web courses (online training to take any time you like).



GM/UAW Training Curriculum Review

Project Estimating Basics


• Train plant personnel (salary and hourly) the basics of submitting

project or job estimate

• Train on understanding basic project management disciplines and


• Implement standardize processes within organization - improve

communication and cooperation

- Get everyone on the same page

- Understand how costs are generated

Targeted Audience:

• Anyone involved in securing contracts from internal or external


• Recommend the following for initial training:

- Project managers (engineer or maintenance)

- Hourly trade representatives preparing the estimate

Course Content (Description):

• Day 1 - Training

- Project scope development

• Work process analysis

(Process mapping and work identification)

- Project estimate development - worksheet templates to

support the following:

• Machine installation

• Civil (concrete excavation)

• Equipment setting

• Sheet metal fabrication and installation

• Piping fabrication and installation – various types and sizes

• Electrical installation (conduit, connectors, buss duct, wire, etc.)

- Project estimate (bid) submittal

- Project evaluation - tracking project results and learning’s

- Project tracking – tracking project costs

• Day 2 – Case study for practical application and understanding

• Day 2 – Review various application templates

- Equipment replacement

- Equipment repair – pumps or various components

- Tooling (die) repair

NOTE: Excel worksheet templates included for each phase of training.

Course Length:

• Twelve (12) classroom hours 8 to 14 students per class

- Days: 2

- Hours/day: 6

Course Facilitation: Two Instructors: Randy Groll and Jim Murphy