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Technical Courses

Allen Bradley GuardLogix

The GuardLogix class is a beginning course on Allen Bradley GuardLogix

PLC hardware. The course will use ethernet as the communication

network to connect the GuardLogix I/O block back to the GuardLogix

PLC. The class lessons will compare and contrast standard ControlLogix

PLCs and GuardLogix PLCs as to project structure, confi gurations and

tags. Basic layout and system set-up of GuardLogix processors will be

covered. Set-up and confi guration of GuardLogix I/O blocks will be

included. Troubleshooting of network, I/O connections, and processor

configurations through the diagnostic LEDs are also incorporated in the

class. This is a 16-hour course.

Hardware used: 1756-ENBT – Ethernet Module

1756-L61S – GuardLogix PLC

1756-LSP – Safety Partner Processor

1791ES-IB8XOBV4 – Guard I/O EtherNet/IP

Safety Modules

Siemens S7 PLC Level I

This is an introductory course for the S7 product and family of PLC

controllers. Hardware identification and configuration with software

configuration topics are included. Program structure and instruction

sets with hands on demonstration equipment is covered. Students

will use digital, analog and timing function labs to reinforce plant floor

applications. Students will be required to enter logic, test and debug

ladder logic. This is a 24-hour course.

Siemens Profibus DP Network

This course will help the student with installation and maintenance

aspects of the Siemens profibus DP network. Hands on troubleshooting

using hardware, software and configuration tools will be utilized. Proper

installation of connectors, cabling and testing topics will be covered. This

is a 16-hour course.

Industrial Fluid Power

Fluid power is an efficient way to move energy without mechanical belts,

chains, or levers. The physics of fluids, components, troubleshooting

and design applications for hydraulic & pneumatic systems are covered

in this class. This is an 8-hour course.

Industrial Fluid Power II

In this class,the student will use electro-pneumatic valves,programmable

logic controllers (PLCs), in/out boxes, and various types of electrical

switching devices. The students will build, design, and troubleshoot

machines using - pneumatics, hydraulics, and electronics. Industrial

fluid power is a prerequisite for this course. This is an 8-hour course.

Robotics I

An Introduction to robotics is a study of basic robotic systems

and operations. The objective is to introduce robotic systems and

programming reinforced with “hands-on” training on a robot, teach

pendant and controller. Different types of robot systems and their

components will be explained. The robot and the controller will be broken

down into parts such as power supply, servo motors and amplifiers,

feedback systems, and inputs and outputs, and it’s function. System

back-up, robot mastering, coordinate systems, tool center point, register

data, and program editing will be explained and used in lab exercises.

The FANUC robot and controller system will be used in the labs with

reference to other robotic systems as well. This is a 16-hour course.

Maintenance Network Services

CTS offers a knowledgeable team trained in manufacturing

and IT networks. We can provide network assessments,

design and planning. Maintenance networks provide your

technicians with quick access to PLC and other automation

equipment to increase output and reduce downtime.

Technical Product Inventory

Let CTS inventory your installed automation controls and

mechanical equipment to develop an accurate training plan

that targets technical training where it is most needed. A CTS

professional will inventory your plant floor equipment and

return with a detailed report of the installed equipment and a

detailed training plan for that equipment.