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Technical Courses

Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC Level II

This is an intermediate level course on the ControlLogix system.The focus

of this class will be on tags, arrays, data types, I/O forcing, searching

a project, and analog I/O setup. The students will learn how to setup

an ethernet (ENB) module for communications. An excellent course for

maintenance & engineering personnel. This is a 16-hour course.

Intro to DeviceNet (Allen Bradley)

This is a beginning course on the operation of the DeviceNet network.

The course will be on the basic network components and using

RSNetWorx to view a network and to install/replace nodes. The focus

will be on Allen Bradley products using the 1756-DNB scanner for the

ControlLogix. Trainees will learn about component scan lists, scanner

tags and using RSLinx to interface to the network. Advanced component

mapping of drives will be covered, manual node commissioning and

explicit messaging from the processor to DeviceNet components will be

covered. PLC / panelview set-up / programming to control the DeviceNet

components will also be included. This is a 16-hour course.

Industrial Ethernet Basics

An introductory course on the set-up and operation of the ethernet.

The focus of the course will be on using ethernet with factory fl oor

devices (i.e. PLCs). An introductory course on the setup and operation

of Ethernet, for factory fl oor communications. The focus of the seminar

will be on understanding how to setup IP addresses for PLCs and

computer systems, as well as how to utilize RSLinx to communicate to

these devices. Configuring for static or dynamic addressing will also be

covered via DHCP or BootP methods. Cabling and networking hardware

will also be covered in this seminar. This is an 8-hour course.

ControlNet Basics

The course covers the ControlNet network using Allen Bradley

ControlLogix PLCs. The course will use 1756-CNB communication

modules as network nodes. Topics covered in the class will be hardware

components that create a ControlNet network, confi guration of nodes

and software products used for ControlNet. Software products, RSLinx,

RSLogix 5000 and RSNetWorx for ControlNet, will be used to monitor,

confi gure and troubleshoot a network. This is an 8-hour class.

CAT5/5e Technology Review and Installation Guide

This is a beginning course on standard data cabling. We discuss the

general use of data cabling, but then focus on the implementation of

CAT5/5e data cabling and the termination of that type of cable. Students

will have hands-on experience using RJ45 crimpers, patch panel

termination and wall jack termination using a punch down tool. This is

a 6-hour course.

Allen Bradley PanelView or PanelViewPlus HMI Basics

Custom Training Solutions offers technical training on both the standard

PanelView HMI and the PanelViewPlus HMI in separate courses. The

student will review the programming software, communications set up

and tag database layout. The student will learn how to develop standard

objects, input numerical values and understand changing/displaying

values within a PLC application. Students will also create alarming

systems within the PanelView terminal. This is an 8-hour course.