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Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership

MEP is a state initiative supporting profitable manufacturing growth. An MEP

representative is integrated with both the Advanced Manufacturing Consortium

and the Ohio Lean Consortium to help connect member companies with

resources to power that growth.

MEP helps drive economic growth and job creation through:

• Sustainability

• Continuous improvement

• Supply chain

• Workforce

• Technology acceleration

From automotive to advanced materials, Ohio’s manufacturing scene is more

diverse than ever before. From training to technology, those manufacturers’

needs are more diverse than ever before. MEP is the network that links the two,

providing manufacturers with the solutions needed to help drive innovation.


The Ohio Lean Consortium strives to

strengthen and support the member businesses

and organizations through education, networking

and sharing of lean principles and practices for

its members. We plan to accomplish our mission

through the following activities: seminars, speakers,

certification workshops, on-site tours, collaboration

and communications of fellow members.

Jim Drewes



Assist manufacturers in creating and

retaining jobs, increasing profits and saving time

and money by providing innovative solutions and

forming connections to key stakeholders and

resources in the manufacturing ecosystem.

Tori Wolf