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Industrial Technology


CAD for Machining

A course in the fundamentals of computer-aided design, utilizing state

of-the-art microcomputer hardware and AutoCAD software. Covers

fundamental Windows XP system commands and Auto-CAD application

commands. Gives the student the opportunity to become proficient, in a

hands-on environment, in developing fundamental 3D solid models and

producing fundamental 2D drawings from the solid models. This is an 18-

hour course.

Servo Motors (Allen Bradley) Level I

The course is a beginning class on PLC based servo systems.The course will

be based on Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix motion controllers and the Ultra

3000SE drive. Topics covered in the class will be hardware components

that make up a servo system, Ultra 3000SE wiring connections, configuring

a SERCOS interface and using RSLogix 5000 programming software to

commission a servo axis. This is an 8-hour course.

Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC Level I

This is an introductory course on the ControlLogix system hardware,

instruction set, and associated software. The focus of this class will be on

operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The students will learn how

to set up communication drivers in RSLinx, and utilize the RSLogix5000

to do maintenance and programming tasks. Students will also learn the

operation of local and remote I/O systems, as well as communication

modules used with ControlLogix. This is a 16-hour course.

Maintenance/Technical Training

Intro to GibbsCAM

This is an introductory class on the use and application of GibbsCAM

software. The focus will be on safety in programming, GibbsCAM interface,

CAD elements, view, creating geometry, tool creation and description,

tooling, machine operation (mill, lathe, EDC, etc.), rendering and post

processing. Plenty of hands on with computer, CNC mills and lathe. This is

a 16-hour course.

Advanced GibbsCAM

An advanced study of GibbsCAM software, including: advanced mill,

introductory 3D, coordinate systems, geometry creation in 3D, mulit-axis

basics, solid surfacer, solid modeling, surface modeling, core and cavities,

3D machining, lace cutting, tool path projections and importing (models,

drawings and geometry). This is a 16-hour course.

Intro to MasterCAM

You will become proficient in turning programming operations such as:

facing, roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, drilling, and boring. You

will also learn how to verify the toolpaths using a solid-based toolpath

verification. You will learn modeling techniques like revolved, extrude, loft,

and sweep commands. You will learn how to modify the solid using filleting,

chamfering and shelling features and how to reorder and edit operations

using the history tree. You will also learn how to use model prep functions

to modify solids without history based on selected faces or features.

This is a 16-hour course.