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Ramsay Corporation provides hundreds of up-to-date technical tests of job

knowledge for production and maintenance employee selection, as well as

basic skills, aptitude, and people skills tests. Use our tests to quickly assess

deficiencies and create training plans. Improve your hiring, training, and

promotion processes.

Test Validation Services

Ramsay Corporation provides custom test development and validation

services using our database of 20,000 questions and 40 years of consulting

experience. Let us help you improve your selection procedures by creating a

test that fits your job description

Looking to Assess your Current Employees?

We have a number of comprehensive measures designed to help training

programs identify areas of deficiency in the knowledge and skills of employees

and applicants. Using information from these measures, you can customize

your development plan to each individual to target their needs.


• Mechanical Maintenance Trainee

• MecTest

• Mechanical Technician


• Electrical Maintenance Trainee

• ElecTest

• Electrical Technician

Various Crafts

• Equipment Operators

• Building Maintenance

• Welders, Pipefitters


Ramsay Corporation’s MainTest is the quickest and easiest way to identify

and target areas for improvement in your workforce.

Employee Assessment Services

Our flagship product for diagnostic testing is the MainTest. This is a

21-category, 153-item test that provides detailed insight into the

knowledge and skills of candidates. You can compare each candidate’s

scores, by category, with our national pool of data consisting of results

from over 13,000 maintenance workers.

The MainTest is available for administration in both paper & pencil

format and via our Online Testing System.

Looking to Fill Apprenticeships?

Ramsay Corporation has a number of basic skill and aptitude measures

designed to complement an apprenticeship program. A number of our

customers use a combination of off-the-shelf tests to select qualified

candidates for their apprenticeships.

Basic Skills

Basic skills are skills such as reading, arithmetic, and basic


• Combined Basic Skills* Our most popular product

• Measurement, Reading, & Arithmetic

• Electrical, Mechanical, and MultiCraft Apprentice Skills


Aptitude tests are assessments designed to measure the ability to learn

a concept.

• Mechanical Aptitude Test

• Electrical Aptitude Test

• MultiCraft Aptitude Test

Want a Custom Solution?

Ramsay Corporation uses its comprehensive database of 20,000+

questions in 300+ areas and works with your job experts to create

a solution that best fits your situation. Whether it is for pre-hire or

individualized training, we can create the best assessments for your

specific positions.

Additional information regarding our steps and procedures for creating

custom validated tests can be found on our Validation page.